Dr. Frank  Micheal (Bro. Mike) Minter

Dr. Frank Micheal ( Bro. Mike ) Minter was saved in the spring of 1980 at the age of 19 as a result of the efforts of a teenage bus worker from Trinity Baptist Church in Pasadena, Texas, which was Pastored by Wilburn Ansley. That Spring, Bro. Minter was called to preach and went to Tennessee Temple University to receive the proper training for the ministry. While attending Tennessee Temple University, Bro. Minter worked in the bus ministry and was also the pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Cowan, Tennessee.

In February 1982, while coming back from Cowan Tennessee, Brother Minter was literally run over by an 18-wheeler which had lost braking power while coming down Mount Eagle. Brother Minter was pronounced legally dead. However, after a miraculous recovery, brother Minter began to gain strength, but he needed more therapy and surgery. So, in 1982, he went back to Texas, where he would be able to receive the treatment he needed at the Texas Medical Center in Houston.

Then in 1983, he moved to Longview, Texas, and Brother Minter began school at Texas Baptist College and became very active in the ministry of Longview Baptist Temple. Brother Minter was nursing home Pastor for four years, worked in the jail Ministry for one year, worked in the bus Ministry for seven years, was the Chapel Pastor for 2 years, served as associate director of beams and media for 2 years, was the acting Registrar of Texas Baptist College for six years, and served as vice president for 2 years.

Brother Minter has also served as Director of Missions for the Longview Baptist Temple and Texas Baptist College. Brother Minter holds a bachelor, Masters, and doctorate degree. While being a student of Dr. Julian Pope, Brother Minter had the opportunity to travel with Dr. Pope to Germany, England and India. Brother Minter helped Dr. Pope in the processes of baptizing and ordaining V.S. Agamcar and Brother Minter also assisted Dr. Pope in the organizing of the Bethel Baptist Assembly in Bombay, India.

At the death of Dr. Julian Pope, Brother Minter became the director of the beams Ministry (Bible education and missionary service).
Brother Minter pastored for 2 years at the Calvary Baptist Church in Hempstead, Texas. He resigned from the pastorate in Hempstead, Texas and also from the beams Ministry.

In 1997, Brother Minter became the interim pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Coldspring, Texas. He eventually became pastor and has been pastoring here for the past 21 years.